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A Shining Light

Hope Valley believes that recovery is a learning process. The clinical staff incorporate person-centered therapies and work to join with the individuals to develop mutually agreed upon goals for treatment.

In our residential program we incorporate evidenced based modalities like Matrix Model, 12-Steps Model, Cognitive Based Treatment, Motivational Interviewing, and appropriate diagnosing to meet the individual client's needs. We advocate for the clients to continually work on recovery, even after being discharged from our services. We believe attending supportive self-help groups is crucial in assisting the client to continue the recovery process, avoid relapse, and to maintain the gains made.


"Hope Valley is full of love and compassion. The classes are highly informative about the nature of the disease, relapse prevention and recovery. I have hope now and know that I don't have to live the way I have been living. There is a better way, a sober way!"
"Hope Valley saved my life. I never thought that there was hope for me, but then I found Hope Valley and they taught me that there is always hope. They say 'home is where the heart is', and my heart is at Hope Valley."
"Hope Valley gave me the tools to stay sober, most importantly they gave me hope and introduced me to a great life!"
"The minute I walked through the doors of Hope Valley, I knew it was a 'God thing' and that I was exactly where I was meant to be. Being around strong women who put their recovery first is one of the many amazing blessings of Hope Valley!"
"Hope Valley started me on a journey to freedom and connected me with a family in recovery that has become one of the best things in life."
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